Film - Creating and Producing

Do you want to make your filmmaking dreams come true? Molkom Folk High School provides you with unique possibilities within film and/or acting.

If you have a curious mind, like challenges and want to develop your passion during two fantastic years, Molkom is the place to be. We will create movie magic together and make your dreams come true!  In front of – or behind the camera.

The Film Program at Molkom Folk High School is a two-year, post-secondary education. During this program you will participate in the making of a large number of films. Several of these are made in close co-operation with the school’s Acting Program. The educational focus is on content and storytelling. This is why we spend time analysing, as well as giving and receiving feedback. You will also have an opportunity to try many of the different tasks involved in the filmmaking process and learn the basics of self-employment.

Year 1

During the first year you will explore different aspects of filmmaking. Two very important components are dramaturgy and how to write a screenplay. You will learn how to prepare the screenplay into a workable shooting script. You also learn how to plan and prepare material for the post-production process.

We are equipped with the latest within digital technique. You will work with Sony FS7 and also be introduced to the concept of staging & blocking. There will also be study trips, for instance to different film festivals.

Year 2

During the second year the main focus will be on directing and cinematography. This provides you with an opportunity to immerse yourself in your area of special interest; such as directing, screenplay writing, cinematography/lighting, producing or editing. Studies in ledarship theory and group dynamics will continue from the first year. You will work in larger groups and by doing so be better prepared for the various demands from the industry. It also provides you with experience for the second year’s internships, used as a means to expand your abilities and provide you with invaluable contacts for future work.
You will work with Sony F55/FS7 (with PL mount plus 6 lenses), Steadicam (gaining certification) and also get a practical introduction to underwater and aerial photography.

During the second year you will also develop and produce a web series. You also gain experience by using Virtual Reality (VR) within a film context.

Film trade contacts

During the program you will meet several guest lecturers who are professionals and experts in certain areas. This includes, among others, screenwriters, dramatic advisors, actors, and directors. Study trips are planned to conventions, film festivals (for example Gothenburg International Film Festival, Uppsala International Short Film Festival, The November Film Festival, FEST New Directors | New Films Festival [Portugal]) and production units (film, television, theater). We collaborate in projects with Region Värmland’s film counsellors. Together with students from the school’s Acting Program we also go on a study trip to Greece (during Year 2). The purpose of this trip is to make movies on location, to obtain a diving certification and also to get an introduction to underwater photography.

School Year

The School Year 2019-2020 will be updated soon.