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Food in sustainable interactions

The food industry in Värmland is diverse, but there is always room for new experiences and tastes from different parts of the world. If you are looking for new horizons within the culinary scene, Värmland offers many exciting possibilities.

Värmland has long tradition of food development and a strong and diverse marketplace. NIFA (Nordic Innovation Food Arena) is an enterprise cluster for food and drink producers in Värmland, that offers brokerage services, network support and skills development initiatives in a number of areas such as business intelligence, business and market development and innovation processes.

For the whole supply chain

NIFA offers companies within the entire food supply chain the opportunity to finding the right contacts, the right tools and the right financing to develop their business into a profitable and competitive business.

Prominent businesses

Löfbergs Lila, OLW, Barilla, Wermlands Mejeri, Artisan Bread