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Region Värmland handles all the publicly funded regional development, health care, culture, education and public transport within the county of Värmland.

We employ close to 8 600 people, all of us aiming to give residents the best possible quality of life. Residents should have access to good health care, education, cultural activities, public transport, and infrastructure. Region Värmland strives to make our county attractive and competitive, enhancing our position within Sweden as well as abroad.

We are recruiting 

Region Värmland, like many other counties in Sweden, has a high demand of physicians and nurses. Right now we are looking for new staff in various fields. We are constantly recruiting people nationally and internationally. Every year Region Värmland travels abroad to visit and exhibit at events and fairs, sharing information about our available healthcare jobs.

Medical specialists within various fields

Region Värmland runs three hospitals, in Karlstad, Arvika and Torsby. We also operate a variety of specialist clinics, such as maternity care and children’s healthcare services. There are 30 local healthcare centres around the county as well, that brings services closer to home. To staff all of these locations we employ approximately 700 doctors, 2 200 nurses and 1 200 nursing assistants.

Sucessful integration routines within the organisation

Our recruitment group in charge of recruiting foreign physicians has a long history of systematically integrating new emplyees. The knowledgebase includes laws and regulations concerning migration and authorization, educational demands that has to be met, conditions for good introduction, integration and many other things.

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From urban Germany to rural Torsby


Andrea Wassenberg was born and raised in Germany, where she also became a psychologist.

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About Region Värmland

Region Värmland aims to give residents of Värmland the best possible quality of life.

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About Värmland

Värmland has a central location in Sweden, with the capital of Norway only 100 km away to the west and the capital of Sweden 250 km away to the east. Ours is a county based on water - Värmland has a total of 11 118 lakes and rivers, and borders the huge inland sea Lake Vänern to the south.

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