Molkom Folk High School’s six dormitories have a number of 64 rooms in total. All are single rooms, a small number of them with their own bathroom.

The rooms are furnished with a bed (including mattress), desk, chair, bookshelf, bedside lamp and clothes closet. We also have a few rooms where dogs and cats are allowed (after clearing this with our house prefect). In case of room shortage we will apply twin bedroom placing at the beginning of the semester.

Accommodation includes rent for your room 7 days a week and full board Monday-Thursday (breakfast, lunch and dinner), Fridays include breakfast and lunch.

Accommodation cost 2024/2025

  • Single room: 1 796 - 2 246 SEK/Month
  • Single room with bathroom: 2 468 SEK/Month [a small number available]
  • Shared room 1 234 SEK/Month
  • Meals 927 SEK/Week, cost for meals are mandatory for residents at the dormitories.

The accommodation cost is billed monthly in advance. Since months vary in length, the monthly cost for meals vary as well. When you receive your first bill you will also be presented with a preliminary billing plan for the rest of the semester.

Termination of your accommodation agreement (before the school year has ended), is due 30 days in advance.

Fee if you loose your key 250 SEK.
Fee if you want to change room 350 SEK.
Fee to unlock your room after 5 pm, holidays and saturday-sundays.

All sums are adjusted during the Spring semester for the following schoolyear.


All students are insured through the school’s accidence insurance policy, boarding students are insured full-time as well as during internships (in Sweden). As a boarding student you need to have a personal home insurance covering your personal belongings. An additional all risk insurance is also required for students at the Film Program.

Common areas

All dormitories are equipped with a stove, fridge/freezer, microwave oven, waterboiler/coffee brewer, television set and wireless internet. The kitchen is designed for basic cooking. Some dormitories are equipped with a laundry room. There is also a sauna in one of the dormitories.

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