For international students outside of the EU/EES or Switzerland there are three fees to be paid. Tuition fee, Service fee and a Technique and Travel Fund. For international students inside of the EU/EES or Switzerland there are two fees to be paid. Service fee and a Technique and Travel Fund.

Tuition fee for students outside of the EU/EES and Switzerland

25.000 SEK/semester

Our international students are offered admittance outside of the governmental subsidy. The governmental subsidy is mainly to ensure students with Swedish citizenship education free of charge. This is why international students have a Tuition fee and students with Swedish citizenship have not.

To accept your admission

You confirm your position by paying the tuition fee of 25.000 SEK for the first semester.

There are no scholarships available.

Service fee for all international students

33 SEK/school week (Approximately 627 SEK/semester)
Included in the Service fee: Coffee/tea and sandwich at Monday morning recess, coffee/tea tuesday-friday morning recess, certain meals (for example Christmas dinner) and student insurance.

Technique and Travel Fund for all international students year 2023/2024

The fee will, amongst other things, be used for study trips and course material. 

Film year 1: 7.900 SEK/semester

Film year 2: 9.250 SEK/semester

Animation: 5.650 SEK/semester

Acting year 1: 7.150 SEK/semester

Acting year 2: 8.000 SEK/semester

Note that Animation is taught solely in swedish and the theatre part of Acting is taught in swedish but the film part in english.

Other costs

Students pay for their own literature as well as other material needed for school work.

Costs for accomodation/boarding, if you choose to stay at the school, see under Accomodation/boarding.

To accept admission

For students within the EU/EES and Switzerland you pay 300 SEK to confirm your position.

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