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Information in English (engelska)

Region Värmland is responsible for all of the county of Värmland's publicly funded regional development, health care, culture, education and public transport.

Region Värmland employs close to 8 000 people, all of us aiming to give residents the best possible quality of life. We want you to have access to good health care, education, cultural activities, public transport, and infrastructure. We also strive to make our region attractive and competitive. 

Regional development

We invest in diverse areas to create favourable conditions for citizens and companies. Our strategic areas are: quality of life for everyone, more and stronger companies, higher competence and better communications. Through these investments and our support of local efforts, we help our region to grow.

Health Care

Together with our patients Region Värmland strengthen the public health and develop our health care, so that it may contribute to a world-class quality of life for our citizens.

Public transport

We strive to make all of Värmland a place of wellbeing. It should be easy for you to get to work, school or just to pass through our region. We also use public transport as a tool to reach sustainable regional growth.

Region Värmland County Council

One of the principal administrative subdivisions of Sweden is the county council. A county council holds responsibility for certain collective functions within the county and has the right to levy taxes. It is governed by an assembly, which is elected by the county electorate every four years.

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