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Health care

Together with our patients Region Värmland strengthen the public health and develop our health care, so that it may contribute to a world-class quality of life for our citizens.

Region Värmland holds the responsibility of caring for the county's citizens and must meet the targets of the Swedish Health and Medical Services Act, set by the Swedish Government.

1177 - national health care guidance

Often the first entry point is the web site and phone number 1177, which is open all hours of the day. This service is provided as cooperation between Swedish regions. 1177.se provides information about medical problems as well as contact details for the county's care providers. The telephone service, 1177, provides medical advice and referrals to the right care provider.

Local health care centres

The primary healthcare organisation is responsible for all healthcare and medical treatment that does not require the hospitals' special resources. This is provided through 30 local health care centres - 23 public and 7 private healthcare centres.. If patients require specialist care, the family doctor refers them onwards. The local health care centres are part of Region Värmland's outpatient care service.


The county of Värmland has three hospitals, situated in Torsby, Arvika, and Karlstad. They provide both emergency and planned treatment in a number of specialised fields, as well as outpatient and inpatient care service.

The Swedish Public Dental Service

The Swedish Public Dental Service provides general dental care, specialist dental care and hospital dental care. It is provided all over Värmland, on equal terms for all citizens and for free until the age of 23.

Find your health care

Call 112 for urgent care

If you or somebody else become seriously ill or hurt and are in need of an ambulance always call 112.

Get advice from a nurse

You can call Sjukvårdsrådgivningen at any time and get medical advice from a nurse over the phone. The phone number is 1177.

To get an appointment with your doctor

If you need to take a test or see a doctor you should get in contact with the health care center where you are listed. Find your health center on 1177.se/varmland.

If you get ill in the evening or during the weekend you can call 1177 to get an appointment with the nearest doctor on call.

See a specialist

If you already have a referral to a specialist doctor and are receiving treatment at a clinic, you will find contact information on 1177.se/varmland.

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