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Region Värmland County Council

One of the principal administrative subdivisions of Sweden is the County Council. The County Council holds responsibility for certain collective functions within the county and has the right to levy taxes. It is governed by an assembly, which is elected by the county electorate every four years.

County Council Assembly

The highest decision-making authority in Region Värmland is the County Council Assembly, comprised of 81 Members. The County Council Assembly decides on goals and economic allocations. Region Värmland has a yearly budget of about 9 billion Swedish crowns.

The assembly governs nine political boards, which ensure that the operations reach set goals.


Four committees rule and plan Region Värmland´s three core activities.

The committees are led by a chairperson, and have their own meetings where different decisions are taken. The politicians on the committees are responsible for ensuring that activities are carried out correctly; this includes ensuring that ultimately residents can hold politicians accountable.

Regional Board

One of the nine political committees is the Regional Board.

The Board has overall strategic responsibility for the entire organisation and it is its duty to implement those objectives which the Council rules on. The Board is also liable for monitoring the other eight committees.

The Board is comprised of 15 members, led by a chairperson. The Board meets approximately once a month.

Värmland Regional Council

Many parts of Region Värmland’s activities are based on cooperation with the municipality’s 16 districts.

The Värmland Regional Council acts as a forum and point of contact to give the districts insights into the issues that are important for them, especially within regional development. Politicians from both Region Värmland and the muncipalities participate. The Council is led by the Regional Board’s Chairperson and its members meet two to four times a year.

Ask questions or give your opinion

You can get in contact with the politicians and ask questions or tell them your opinion.

Contact information to County Council politicians.

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