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Regional development

We invest in diverse areas to create favourable conditions for citizens and companies. Our strategic areas are quality of life for everyone, more and stronger companies, higher competence and better communications. Through these investments and our support of local efforts, we help our region to grow.

Region Värmland has lots of different duties when it comes to managing and developing the region's development and growth. Some of these come from the state, others from the communities in the form of a cooperation agreement, and others we have taken up on our own initiative. Our regional development work is always based on Värmlandsstrategin.

Värmlandsstrategin - a strategy for a better life

Region Värmland's long term regional development strategy is explained in the document Värmlandsstrategin. This strategy details how we get the whole region to where we want it to be in 2020.

The strategy pinpoints four prioritised areas: quality of life for everyone, more and stronger companies, higher competence on all levels and better communications. It is important that regional projects are connected to one or several of these areas. There are also 33 measurable goals the region should obtain by 2020.

Värmlandsstrategin applies to anyone who wants to contribute to the development of Värmland. It is a tool for negotiations with the government, national authorities and the EU when allocating funding and investments. The strategy is also an important keystone for Värmland's relations with the European Structural Funds Programme.

Culture and education for everyone

Region Värmland provides annual budgets and multi-year business grans to organisations, and contributes to projects and endeavours adjudged to add value to the region and contribute to Värmland's development and attractiveness.

The culture plan was developed in cooperation between Region Värmland and the communities, and in dialogue with the region's cultural scene.

Why a culture plan?

Värmland's culture plan is a management and planning document for Region Värmland's continuous development within the area of culture. The plan is used as a basis for, amongst other, Region Värmland's decisions regarding annual budgets and project grants, and also for Region Värmland's own activities within cultural development and the Värmland Archive.

The culture plan is also Region Värmland's application to the National Swedish Culture Board for a government grant for regional cultural undertakings.

Areas of cultural development

Region Värmland’s own areas of cultural development include libraries, book fairs, literature, dance, film, culture at schools, handicrafts, and youth culture meetings.

Our work is aimed at both professional cultural practitioners and amateurs. Several of the projects we are undertaking are also aimed at schools - both pupils and teachers. UKM and Drömsommarjobbet are two of the biggest projects we are involved in. Here, youngsters get to develop their cultural interests and meet other young people with the same interests.

Together with other actors, Region Värmland is working towards good and equal health across the municipality. Public health is a term that refers to the health of the entire population. Good public health means that the level of health is both good and equally distributed between the different groups in the community.

We manage five of six state high schools in the municipality in order to create attractive and competitive education with real relevance for the community.

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