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Public transport

We strive to make all of Värmland a place of wellbeing. You should be able to get to work, school or just pass through our region easily, no matter where you live. Public transport is also a tool to reach sustainable regional growth.

The number of travellers has been steadily increasing each year, with about 45 percent since 2005. The public transport companies of Värmland have very happy customers, whom rate these companies right at the top compared to other regions.

Transport companies

Region Värmland owns two transport companies which unitedly manage the public transports of Värmland county, together with procured private businesses. Värmlandstrafik manages regional transport, school transport and service transport (for sick or disable individuals). Karlstadbuss manages city transport and boat buses within Karlstad district.

Region Värmland Public Transport Authority

By law, each county in Sweden has its own public transport authority. The authority is responsible for strategic decisions about public transport. In our county, it is Region Värmland which acts as the local public transport authority. This means that citizens can participate by voting in the elections for the regional county council.

Each local transport authority has to document and follow a regional Transport Provision Programme. The programme includes goals and prioritised efforts to secure sustainable regional growth.

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